Special Thanks

To Ian and Peter for being so awesome and having such a STUNNING apartment.  You have made this one-bed-one-bath apartment into a home.

To our darling families for parting with us for so long.  We know that you were worried about the transition from the Bible Belt to the Big Apple, so thank you for your courage and love in letting us out of the nest. (Ariane insists that her parents shooed her out the door with some tears, some waving cat paws, but with an overall insistance to leave the nest).

To our cats, who unnervingly serve as a large source of inspiration.  With six (6) cats, Ariane is more influenced (read: crazy) in this respect.  Martha Scott is the adopted pet of one (1) lone ranger, the Bootserina.

To friends, both those we have this summer and those who contributed to our school year happiness.  Unquestionably, our greatest successes during the first year were the friendships forged.  You are a group of remarkable human beings, quick to love and protect, unfailing in laughter and vivacity.  Whether we see you tomorrow or as second years, know that you are on our minds and in our hearts.

And finally, to the incomparable city of New York for welcoming us with open arms.  You make no promises of happiness, but provide a backdrop of diversity and energy, opportunities to succeed, temptations to fail, and a myriad of stories.  You are our playground, our laboratory, our race, our church/synagogue.


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