Ariane Rinehart – Rising sophomore at Barnard College, soon to be Sociology major and German minor. Student, actress, singer, dancer, cat lover…secretly a cat herself. Originally from St. Louis, MO but feels right at home in NYC.

Martha Scott Burton – Rising sophomore at Columbia College, double majoring in Dance and Urban Studies, and continuing as the Dance/NYC Special Events Intern.  Born in North Carolina and raised in Springfield, MO.  Attempting dancer, almost New Yorker, sometimes singer, wanna-be chef, laugh-er, not-hugger, productivity addict.  Follow her @itsadoublename !

What: A blog to catalogue our summer exploits in the city.  Also, motivation to get out and do things so we seem like hip, happening people.  We solemnly swear to post at least one entry per day, even if it’s just a picture of a cute cat.  Well, we solemnly swear to try.

Why: We simply couldn’t get enough of New York during the school year and were just dying to enjoy that glorious NYC summer weather.  We didn’t have quite enough humidity in Missouri.

Oh and you know, to do that job thing and explore the city sans homework.

Where: New York, NY – Upper West Side, SoHo, Midtown, Long Island City, Queens… anywhere the subway can take us and more.

When: Summer 2012

The title?: Well we’re both from Missouri (MO), we’re currently both in Manhattan (…Manhattan), and we’re enjoying some more of it past the school year (mo’).  We decided to go the literal route.  Plus alliteration.  How can you resist?


1 thought on “About”

  1. Alexandra Martinez said:

    I love you two 😀

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