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Happy New Year’s Eve!  I realize that it has been many months since our last post and, indeed, the end of summer.  It was with the most sincerity that I hoped to write a hi-thank-you-it’s-been-great-post before school started, but…well, school started.  If you haven’t already, transition your reading pleasure to A’s NEW blog.

A and I had the BEST summer-after-our-first-year-in-college and first-summer-in-New-York.  We adventured through the city, attended an excessive amount of ballets (this one’s on me), ate good food, reveled with friends, lived in the CUTEST apartment, dreamed about living in a similar apartment after college, worshiped Trader Joe’s, searched out dance studios, went shopping, worked hard (A was in a movie), traveled as often as possible with our unlimited MetroCards and, above all, were merry.


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You can check out our annual report from WordPress here.


What has happened since this summer?  The highlights:

  • A DECLARED her major in Sociology
  • I left the era of teenage rebellion for the ripe age of TWENTY (you can all relax now, I’m not going to be a young prat anymore/I have mixed feelings about the necessity to be an “adult”)
  • A was in Soundgarden’s new MUSIC VIDEO
  • I performed in the Barnard Project at New York Live Arts and mentioned in the Times (see review here)
  • We went to see ABT’s Nutcracker for the holiday season.  Below, A and dearest Olivia

  • We went ice skating at Bryant Park.  Below, A, Ethan and myself

  • I decided to double-major in Art History and French, as well as study abroad in Paris for a year starting in the fall.  A is potentially going to Germany next spring and Olivia might be at Oxford for the year- Europe, here we come!
  • A, Olivia and I went to Max Brennan’s (finally!) with A’s parents


So from your merry, Missouri Manhattaners:  many thanks and happy holidays!  We  leave you with the indicative Rinehart Season’s Greetings card (you can follow A’s brother, Ian, on his photo blog here).

Best wishes and much love,

Ariane and Martha Scott