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Hello, it’s me again. Yes, the silent one. The one who has inexcusably abandoned you these past few weeks, leaving you to gorge yourself on Ariane’s fabulous adventures, both corporeally and virtually. For forgiveness, I will solemnly swear we were up to no good. As you know from Olivia’s guest post on the Paris Opera Ballet, Saturday, July 14th was Bastille Day for the French (sort of their 4th of July). Yet another cause for celebrating freedom and another flag that flies red, white and blue (bleu, blanc et rouge).

Alors, we had a little fete (a la South of the Border, but not, and with Ariane) at the apartment after Olivia and I attended Giselle. With the fear that we would NOT be cliche, we invited cheese, baguettes, NUTELLA, bon bons, macaroons, those petit ecolier cookies that everyone adores, and some fruit.

But let’s have real talk: Ariane and I live in New York. We are living in a sublet apartment. Let’s imagine the square footage available for shenanigans. Let’s also remember the close proximity of other people ie neighbors. 16 people in our living room, some of which were learning a step routine to Azealia Banks? People on the floor, drinking out of a Pyrex measurement cup? NO PROBLEM. We’re young, it’s summer, and we love the French (see photos at the end for a visual walk through of the night, thanks to Ariane’s new and fancy camera). More people = more conversations, faster conversations and that many more laughs.

OH BUT THE LOVE DIDN’T STOP AT 3 AM THAT NIGHT, as AJ trekked to Brooklyn and David barely made it the 3 blocks to his dorm. Per our plan created weeks in advance, Olivia spent the night in order to catch the Bastille Day Festival, sponsored by the French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF) on 60th st (btw 5th and Lex). It was a little overcast, which was perfect given the HEAT (good lord). But that didn’t stop us from eating DELICIOUS CREPES, eying many a macaroon, and teasing the mime who walked through the streets. It made Olivia and I entirely too excited to study abroad in Paris next year (In fact, we’re meeting tonight at the quintessential Cafe Lalo to ooh-la-la over the chic and true love and pastries that will assuredly occur overseas).


Bastille Day Festival, sponsored by FIAF


Woeful accordion player. Oh, so woeful.




Call me?


Scrumptious crepes!

But the day didn’t end there! Oh no, we ambitiously decided (again, per our plan created weeks in advance) to attend the newest Improv Everywhere Experiment– the flash-mob-esque group that recruited and performed during Columbia NSOP 2011. We dashed to Jack’s 99 Cent store (where NOTHING IS ACTUALLY A DOLLAR) to pick up the following necessities:

– A water gun, filled with water. RESULT: a Cars squirt gun that held about 1 oz. water before leaking
– A shower cap. RESULT: 6 multi colored shower caps
– A white bed sheet. RESULT: Plastic white tablecloths
– A hard, flat object that you don’t want anymore. RESULT: $1.07 hot pink clipboard the size of my hand
– A small, soft object that you don’t want anymore. RESULT: an Angry Birds dog toy plushie
– A small musical instrument. RESULT: these small trumpet things that are quite loud

Back story: Also during NSOP, the biggest event/party was held on Governor’s Island. Key point: only accessible by ferry. Please note the ~2,000 head count of the Class of 2011. Please note the number of ferries running: 1-2. Needless to say, it was worse than the Jersey Turnpike during rush hour. Worse than when everyone from 5th Ave leaves for the Hamptons on Thursday night (because who actually works on Fridays in the summertime, amirite?).

So this scenario happened AGAIN during Experiment Nine. We met up with Stephan (also in attendance at the fete) at South Ferry, getting in line for the ferry.  Quick math:  the ferry runs every 30 minutes and seats ~100.  There are 500+ people in line.  It is 2:30.  We are at the back.  Conclusion:  we’re not going to be on that boat. We were devastated because we missed this.

Only a little devastated. En route home, Ariane and Stephan did about 10 minutes of the Experiment on the train/120th St.


The chances of being in an empty car?
Olivia, Stephan and Ariane.


What we WOULD have looked like, had we made the ferry. At this point, the car was no longer empty. People stared. We stared back.


We never stood a chance.



Playing our 99cent musical instruments with melancholy.


Slow-mo, trying to be with Improv Everywhere in the UWS.

Then, we watched Dark Knight/I took a nap because 3 am is WAY past my bed time.

Much love,

Martha Scott