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As you may or may not know, I was just in Iceland for a few days shooting a movie, so of course I now must blog and share what pictures I was able to take during my short trip.

Iceland was a very interesting place. It was definitely beautiful, but it was also amazing the range of its landscape, from the fairly flat suburbs and the meticulous streets of downtown Reykjavik, which struck me more as quaint than as the downtown of the country’s capital, to the sprawling lava rock fields surrounding stunning mountains. Iceland’s terrain was as varied as the country’s weather (there’s a saying that if you don’t like the weather in Iceland, wait five minutes and it will change).

The airport is also beautiful, as silly as that seams to say when you’re in such an otherworldly place. I’ve never been to such a clean and aesthetically pleasing airport. With wood panelled floors and sleek staircases, it was not what I expected to see after stepping out of our gate. I also have to mention how chill entering the country was. We went to get our passports stamped and I was expecting questions of some form, however, the guy just smiled, stamped my passport and carried on to the next passenger in the same manner. So then I thought going through the customs line, they would make sure we weren’t soiling their beautiful and environmentally friendly country with our American germs. Wrong. Customs was literally a hallway with two security men chatting at a corner. Odd, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.

It was about midnight when we hopped into the car to go to the hotel, and it was still light out (20 hours of daylight in the summer time and the sun was just setting). With the four hour time difference not in our favor, we weren’t tired yet, so our driver offered a short detour to see the famous Blue Lagoon. Um, yes please.

I was disappointed to find later that a good portion of my photos were blurry as my camera was low on battery and it wasn’t quite as light out as I had initially thought, but I still managed to salvage a few.

The water was this beautiful, milky blue, and they use the mud to create skin care products and spa experiences in the lagoon’s hot springs, as the mud and water are supposed to have healing and beauty properties.

I didn’t have anything the next day, so I walked through downtown Reykjavik, which was only a short distance from the hotel.

Iceland’s Harpa Concert Hall, their newly built opera house, was a beautiful sight on the walk to downtown. The outside looks like glass honeycomb and was matched by the mirrored hexagon ceiling tiles inside the complex.

Ah the króna. I was quite the fan of Iceland’s currency, plus the exchange rate wasn’t too bad either. Although, I didn’t do my research on it beforehand, and Adam and I had to ask twice what it was and then proceeded to use a calculator before purchasing everything. Hey. I haven’t done that math thing in a while. Cut me some slack.

It doesn’t look as odd in this picture as it did in person, but those cans of Coke are as big as the 16oz bottles. They had an entire refrigerated area devoted to Coke and Pepsi products. Here in the US, that would probably be replaced by an energy drink section.

Next we have Hallgrímskirkja. Hallgrimskirkja was a church that you could see from most parts of Reykjavik. Especially with the cloudy backdrop, it had quite the presence.

There was some beautiful graffiti downtown and a helpful mural in case you forgot how to tie your tie.

I’m all about enjoying the food of the place you travel to, so I treated myself to a meal of mink whale steak. Yup. Whale. It was pretty good, but I liked horse better. Oh yeah, I had horse too. You know what they say: “When in Iceland, do as the Icelandic do.” Hmm… I might have the wrong expression there. Anyone know any famous Icelandic sayings? I’ll settle with a Björk quote: “I am a grateful… grapefruit.”

Now as far as pictures of when we actually filmed go, I’m not totally sure what I’m allowed to post, so I’m just going to go with nothing. I’m not a rule breaker, kids. So I’ll end the photo stream with this beautiful photo of the sky at I believe around 7 or 8 and a fuzzy iPhone picture of Darren and me at the end of the shoot day.

Oh and naturally, something cat themed: