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As seen in Ariane’s previous post, that girl has gone and left me for the equally humid but cleaner South Carolina (twin state to my birth state, North Carolina).  Gone and left me alone in the apartment for a week, leaving me to fend for myself and instructing me to catch up on all of our shared shows.  Clearly a party was in order.

I conspired with the ever-graceful and oh-so-fabulous Olivia Aylmer, who landed the gold-star internship WITH InStyle Magazine and WITH free housing, during our return trip from Coney Island.  The “South of the Border” theme preparation consisted of Trader Joe’s and a texting strategy- then all systems were go for Monday night!

I believe my apartment versus dorm habitation was a major incentive for attendance (what?  there’s a couch?), but the biggest payoff was having your face hurt from laughing so much.  Max Nelson (of Double Exposure) brought awesome churros from that tacqueria place nearby and David Beal (also of Double Exposure and published in The Believer) brought these organic Reese’s Oreo cookies.  And fresh guac and quesadillas were also in order.  There was a little drink situation (think Bill Nye concoction gone wrong), but I think all’s well that end’s well.

The music selection?  My *NSYNC Pandora Radio station was SUB PAR for this group and Beyonce and Shakira didn’t make the cut either.  Since half of the group works for WBAR and/or WKCR, an admirable and overall swag playlist took a good half hour to build.  Swedish rap it was!

Hopefully one of many gatherings at The Love Shack (it’s going to catch on, I swear) and not the last of friends, food and harassment.  With Ariane in the fold next time, the shenanigans are bound to be twice as good.

Some cuties from the night: