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Introduction: Ariane Apologizes to the Readers

I’ve been a terrible blog keeper lately, and I really have no excuse. I had things to post each day, but whenever I got back to the apartment, I became quite lazy and chose to continue watching Robin Hood on Netflix instead (No, not the fox one, still this one since I’m completely addicted to BBC). The good news is, you’ll now receive a play by play of my week! *Everyone cheers.* Could you really ask for anything more? Me thinks not. So without further ado, I present to you… my week.  Enjoy.

Tale One: Central Park Duck Watching

Monday was a lovely day. Fresh off of my True Blood season premiere high from Sunday, I wandered on over to that little green space known as Central Park. I settled by a pond in the south east end of the park to do some mystery reading…and got distracted some by a ukelele player, ducks, and my phone. Classic. Here are some photos:

This was the bench I was parked on. It’s doubly funny because my childhood nickname is Noodle.


I love watching the ducks. One summer, in this exact spot, actually, my mom and I were looking at the ducks in the park. It was really hot out, so we were doing our best not to move at all, and all of a sudden my mom says, “I’d be a cute duck. I’d be the duck that all the people would want to invite inside into their air conditioning.”  We also had a similar conversation in the winter time, but replace duck with squirrel and AC with heat. Isn’t she adorable?

More ducks, all in a line.

I was reading The Floating Admiral, by Agatha Christie and her other detective writer friends.

It was also a great excursion because I had a free cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes. Their cupcakes are AMAZING. They’re even better when they’re free. Mmmmm…

After a relaxing read/duck watching and a quick stop into FAO Schwarz, possibly the greatest store ever, I headed home.

And I didn’t write a blog post.  The end.

Tale Two: The Mysterious Bookshop, featuring a Rainy Walk to the Met

On Tuesday, after hitting up some dance classes, Chelbi and I went down to TriBeCa to visit the Mysterious Bookshop, a bookstore that only sells mystery novels. Yeah, that’s right. It’s an actual store. I wasn’t just trying to be ominous in the title…

The store had SO many books!

SO. MANY. We eventually just asked for recommendations because I was quite overwhelmed with the selection and frankly didn’t know where to begin. Per their suggestion, I ended up getting The Devotion of Suspect X, a Japanese mystery novel that all of the staff members loved. I’ll let you know what I think once I start/finish it.

Clearly this is what Chelbi looks like when she’s deep in thought. Totally natural and not posed at all.

True life.

After the bookstore, we walked over to the Met Museum (in the rain) for the Museum Mile Festival, where the street was blocked off and a bunch of the museums on 5th ave had free admission to the public.

The streets were filled with umbrella-ed and poncho-ed people.

We soaked up some art (mostly impressionist) and then skadoodled on home.

Van Gogh’s Cypresses. I love Van Gogh’s paintings, and the Cypresses are among my favorites. It’s amazing how close you can get to so much history and beauty.

The ceiling of the Met. Even it is art!

And I didn’t write a blog post. The end.

Tale Three: I Heart Trader Joe’s

Not much happened on Wednesday. Dance classes, babysitting, oh and TRADER FREAKING JOE’S. I won’t say much on it since I know I’m late to the party on this one, but dear god, I WANT TO MARRY TRADER JOE’S. So much food, so cheap, so lovely.

And I didn’t write a blog post. The end.

Tale Four: Alternate Titanic Ending and General Hilarity

I won’t go into too much detail since you can mosey on over to Martha Scott’s post for a complete account, but on Thursday, M. Scott, Alex, Sindhu, and myself went to BriTANick‘s almost last-ish NY comedy show. They’re moving to LA for 6 months to write for a new Fox pilot by the creators/writers/some funny people from How I Met Your Mother. Needless to say, these people are funny. Besides having great stand-up (and a freaking hilarious bit on the alternate ending of Titanic, described in M. Scott’s post), they’re also behind the YouTube jem that is the Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever. If you haven’t seen it yet, STOP READING and click that link, people.

Just some pretty ladies at the show… you know how we do.

All in all, It was a super-hilarious-fun night.

And I didn’t write a blog post. The end.

Tale Five: And Then I Wrote a Blog Post

The end.