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Thank goodness I believe in naps.

Finally made it down to The Strand Bookstore, which I believe puts me on the road to hipsterdom.  I was accompanied by Benny- yes, the Benny/David of Flirtastrophe, the blog of “uncomflirt” and other nearly romantic opportunities-who was in search of a Father’s Day gift.  Not only are we afloat in a paper ocean, wafting in fresh ink and dog-eared pages, but the Strand also tangentially hearkens to that 90’s relic of a movie, You’ve Got Mail.  One lone book store fighting against commercialism, super-marketism, and overall Big Brother-ism (Huff Post).

Problem:  singular book.  The Strand looks like this:

The Strand’s claim to fame: 18 miles of new, used and rare books. That’s almost 1.5 lengths of Manhattan. Just think! You could read mysteries up the Financial District and romances through Central Park.

But on five floors and over 55,000 square feet.  18 miles of books.  But I found Moments of Being by Virginia Woolf in the first 3 minutes and felt like I had run the Strand Marathon without actually moving.  I am not sure how Benny fared, as I left for another first:  BriTANick at Upright Citizens Brigade.  At face value, they are “two guys wasting their [NYU] degrees.”  It wouldn’t be bad if this were my future, seeing as the comedy duo got contracted to write for some FOX show in LA.

Most identifiably, Brian and Nick created this piece of laughs:

30 minute stand up sets from both Nick and Brian and a “Western sketch”; topics ranging from how nerds thrive in NY and have no hope in LA to the social experiences of one who attended Bonnaroo.  Also, the standard 7-person college student experience when sharing a 5-person apartment.  I think the punchline opportunities are clear.  Appearances by Jesus Christ, acid-induced hallucinations, Anne Frank and The-Truman-Show-reality-revelations.


Sindhu, Alex, Brittany and Ariane: showing our love for those New York deserters, BriTanick

But the HIGHLIGHT of the show was Brian’s THOROUGH FACEPALMING upon unearthing an/the alternate ending of Titanic, which, unbelievably and wincingly, is included in the DVD release.  James Cameron looks like a fool here.


Best wishes and much love,

Martha Scott